The Map Tables

"Locked Lands"
16“x14”; 2’ high with glass top:

Arabic lettering and a motif of lands being locked under glass.

"San Digitopeles and the Nano Valley"
18-1/2”x24”; 28” high with glass top:

The heartland of technology re-imagined as a circuitboard nestled among the hills and waters.

12”x24”; 2’ high with resin top:

The view from a mountain of one city, connected to something mysterious beyond the horizon.

The Stürmgripp Empire: Three Nesting Tables

The history of a once-expansive empire, from its furthest extent, to the postwar ruins, to the gilded capital city of today.

"Größte Ausdehnung Stürmgrippisches
Imperium, XIIIth Jh."
(Greatest Extent of the Stürmgripp Empire, 13th Century)

10”x16”; 24” high with resin top:

"Hundesrepublik Stürmgripp, nach dem
XVIIte verfluchten Krieg, XXte Jh.'
(Dog Republic of Stürmgripp, After the 27th Damned War, 20th Century)
9-3/4”x13”; 23” high with resin top:

"Geldbad, Hauptstadt Stürmgrippisches Republik, heute"
(Geldbad, capital of the Stürmgripp Republic, today)
9”x10”; 22” high with resin top:

18-”x18”; 28” high with glass top

With land forms that originated on a stump in a clear-cut old-growth forest in British Columbia.

"Ilhas da Tropicalía"
8“x11”; 2’ high with resin top

Honoring some leading figures in the Tropicalía movement of 1960s Brazilian music

15”x25”; 25” high with resin top

An island with hints of military presence amidst the lush coastal lowlands and rough red mountains.

"Middle Earth"
A textured representation of the Tolkien's literary world

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