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Imaginary World #1: Acrylic and Dyes on Ruined Picnic Table

Sledquit: The Northern Neighbor.
With a handful of swell cities concentrated in the narrow belt of land that is not frozen solid, Sledquit is a comfortable social democracy where peace reigns and everything is named after queens.

 The Eternally Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fabruna.
Upon the dissolution of Greater Behrendia late in the 20th century, Fabrunians took up arms, refusing to allow the fine soils of the western continent to fall into the perfidious hands of the Behrendian monarchy. A demilitarized zone persists to this day east of the Slohatian plain, but the capital, Heka Hili Citi, thrives with dark contemporary art and pubs clad in chrome and mirrors.

With its spiritual home at the Monastery of St. Monkius, Behrendia sprawls in vast rural charm up the Great Slohemian Valley from its capital at Porti Ketili. With its thoughtful seizure of Porti Cruela da Vili in the west from its implacable enemy Fabruna, Behrendia remains a bi-coastal state in spite of its drastically reduced industrial base.

Republica of Peyostan.
Hugging the hot, vague deserts on the west coast of the western continent, the global homeland of recreational drug use welcomes visitors to its fun capital of Imstadili, or visitors may choose the more laid-back environs of Vegetili or Dahabli.

A small but soulful emerald isle where the hops people dwell.

A craggy, hot repository for the remains of a civilization that once bestrode the imaginary world, but lately mostly takes in tourists from Blingrend and Great Ambitia.

The Jewish country was recently split off from Greater Blingrend by treaty. It boasts beautiful shorelines, ample farmland, a wide range of climates and elevations, and best of all, a totally impregnable border affording it eternal peace and security.

Your Majesty's Bloody Railroad connects the bustling urban centers of the old Anglo-Saxon polity to distant capitals as well as Herzlin, the overwhelmingly large conurbation at the helm of Blingrendian affairs. Storied natural features such as the Heaths of Theeth, the Pawnsword Peats, Bordor the Flamey Canyon, and the Forngall peninsula make Blingrend a diverse, if not to say incoherent, hodgepodge of the eccentric and the overbearing.

Santa Turistana
A nation devoted entirely to retirement.

United Sheikhdom
Vast deserts, pyramids, oases, and the towering twin spiritual volcanos Huixtujuaptobopl and Allagrüvenbopl punctuate this fascinatingly exotic homeland for the Islamic faith.

The modern heir to the eastern continent's center of civilized antiquity, Azsex has the warmest best beaches in the world in its tropical belt, and ruins both new and old in the Sand Wasted Plains. The tourist paradise of Gringoraiso de Descansa Fe welcomes millions of Great Ambitian and Loorisch visitors each year.

Upper Enigmia
Blissfully isolated on the central steppes is a small nation that nobody has ever visited, and which may not even have any inhabitants.

The need for a planetary homeland having been decided by international agreement only 20 years ago, Billyhaven, with its choice location north of Azsex but short flights away from the riches of the central eastern continent, provides ample room for the gay community to be itself in peace.

Great Ambitia
This frenetic nation was colonized in pieces from its redoubt on Hershetania Isle. Devoted entirely to industry, work, the accumulation of money and the neglect of good taste, Ambitia even now has outstanding border disputes with its neighbors - yet remains the envy of the world for its startling attractions and diversity.

The Ambitian leadership would have colonized the Ice Bogs of Severia if it could, but they're just too cold so a mill at Frozepointe at least manufactures more ice cream than the world will ever need.

Point of contention for decades, the upper Great Ambitian territories were ceded by Loorreich after the Third Oil War and the main freeway uniting the ends of the sprawling country must even now pass under a demilitarized zone. Attempts to Blingreshize the town names are afoot.

Across the Great Littoral Cleft (-5000m), a valley carved unintentionally by a stray armed Train de Vitesse Inestimable (TVI), the two most powerful countries on earth glare at one another in envy and derision. The Looriasch cling to their identity as an enlightened culture sipping wine in vineyards and libraries, while the Ambitians, from their cultural capital of Great Dizzlandia Park, find their adversaries lazy and finicky and not all that pleasant to deal with.

 The immensity of Looreich made Ambitia assume that the northern territories' loss might not cause so much friction, but in spite of the riches of the Great Plat de Looroise and the Stimalayan Range's generous valleys for additional settlement, Loorreich is a nation of damaged self-esteem.

Mount Loor and the Vales of Loor - two more assurances of nationhood.

A calm, predictable nation of pale-pigmented Anglos.

The world center of movies, glamour, wine, beaches, and strange rural lifestyles.

A nation entirely devoted to Christianity.

Though it appears small, 3 billion people live in Chailand, with remarkably little strife or conflict. Offshore islands are so wealthy that they may not be shown on a map.

Central Chailand's industrial belt on the Jade Plain culminate at Sing Song City, pop. 232 million.

 Only disasters and prison complexes break the monotony of chilly Moroz, home of the World's Bleakest Place. The Terblobl Nuclear Evaciation Zone, however, has done well by wildlife due to the lack of vodka polluting its waterways since the nuclear meltdown cleared out the Morozians for good.

Imaginary World #1 under construction in Yelapa, Mexico, 2007.

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